Titan Poker Freeroll

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Titan Poker FreerollTitan Poker Freeroll for you

This starts immediately after you’ve signed up for a real money account with Titan Poker. If you’ll recall from other articles, the TPDEAL Titan Poker coupon code can be used to secure a $25 instant bonus which is then followed by a beefed up 200% up to $2000 deposit bonus for the people that use the code. However, what you will also get after those two things is access to a new player Titan Poker freeroll that you can enter for free and potentially parlay into a bit more money to add to your new player bonuses.

The use of a new player Titan Poker freeroll is telling because it illustrates the guiding philosophy of this particular online poker website. It is a philosophy that tries to give away as many things to its players as possible and this means that you can definitely expect there to be other freeroll tournaments available for you as time goes on.

If you want to find out when the next Titan Poker freeroll tournament is going to be starting

All you actually have to do is look up the freeroll section of the tournament tab that is available in the lobby of the Titan Poker software package. If you do this, you will not have any problems coming up with that information and you can then use that information to plan out your schedule of playing online poker at Titan Poker.

So, that deals with the conventional Titan Poker freeroll where you don’t have to pay anything to enter and you can get a prize out of it. However, there is another type of freeroll that for lack of a better term will be dubbed the VIP freeroll in this article. A VIP freeroll tournament is not open to everyone because the buy-in costs VIP points from your loyalty program rather than actual cash money. It is not a genuine freeroll, but if you’ve played enough online poker at Titan Poker it is still effectively a tournament with a cash prize that you can get into for free since you can use points instead of dollars to gain a seat at the table.

Because you do have to do something in order to get a seat at one of these VIP Titan Poker freeroll tournaments

It is quite true that the cash prizes available at these tournaments tend to be a lot better than they are at the freeroll tournaments that are open to the public. For this reason, you should certainly strive to build up a large pile of points that you can then use to enter these VIP freeroll tournaments. All you’ll be doing to get those points in Titan Poker Freeroll is playing more poker at one of the best online poker sites, something you might have done anyway.